Thursday, 22 September 2011

Play With Google Gravity

Google is always easy to use. Now, you can play with Google. Ricardo Cabello a designer/developer has created Google Gravity. A fun filled site, in which the elements of the Google Home page are subjected to gravitational force and they fall down.

To get this Gravity webpage, Follow the following instructions :

    Go to Search settings option.
    Turn off Instant search.
    Now visit again and enter Google Gravity in the search box.
    Direct link

Things you can do :

    When you move the mouse in the browser window , all the Google elements fall down .

    Click on all the elements that has fallen due to gravity force and throw them any where you wish .

    You can turn every elements upside down , and enjoy bombarding them all around the website .

    You can still press your search query in Google search text box and search for results . All the result you    get comes and falls down on your browser window .

    Double click on Google logo to get back the page that was before influnced by google gravity  .

Tricks of Google Gravity

Well guys what kind of  tricks you could play with the Google Gravity?

Trick 1. Move Them Around
If you thought that once the elements fall down, that’s the end of the magic -- you are wrong, its the beginning. Try holding any piece. To hold a piece click and hold the element and drag then around the screen. You can grab and move all the pieces.

Trick 2. Drop Them
In addition to the above one, you will see that once you un-grab the elements (by leaving the mouse button) it falls below. Well its like the real world you see, gravity is acting over here.

Trick 3. Hit Them Hard
Its the fun part. Grab any piece and use it to hil others. Fun. Also the size of the element you are using has effect on the force it generates. Try using the logo or the search-bar.

Trick 4. The Pendulum
Hold the Google logo by one of its sides and hold it up and shake it, It starts to oscillate like a pendulum. Try spinning it around!!!

Trick 5. Shake Effects
Restore the window to a smaller size. Now hold the window and try shaking it around. Didn’t expected the elements to move around that way? ;) Well it does!!!

Trick 6. Enlarge Effect
While the window is still restored to a small size, maximize the window and see the elements jump.

Trick 7. It’s Alive
If you have not realized it already, all the elements in the screen is actually working. All the links, buttons, radio-buttons work exactly in the same way they meant to be. Try typing on the search-bar,,,

Trick 8. Search Still Working
This is the one which very few people actually know. Try typing any query into the search-bar and click the search button (or if you cant find it in the debris hit the enter button). WOW! Right? The results are dumped into the screen as if by some invisible hands. Again these links are actual results and are working.


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